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And the Heroes Meet Market is officially closed.  It shall be missed.

Mark's quotes

My guesses at Mark's quotes (all famous last lines from various TV shows), 'cause I didn't have a chance to post 'em in the actual thread:

7572:  "You really should wear more sweaters." - Newhart.
7573:  "It's a long way to Tipperary..."  - I'm not sure, but I think it's from Black Adder Goes Forth, which was the last season (to date) of the show.
7574:  "Come on, son.  Let's wash our hands."  - Again, I'm not sure.  St. Elsewhere?
7575:  "Okay, should we get some coffee?"  "Sure, where?"  - Not sure, but I'm thinking Friends.
7576:  "Five card stud, nothing wild.  And they sky's the limit."  - Star Trek: The Next Generation.
7577:  "How does it feel?" "What?" "Making history."  - That was my own little contribution to the game, once I figured out what Mark was doing, and then got ToP.  And you're all gonna have to guess where THAT one's from.  ;)
7578:  "Just in case, I left you a note."  - M*A*S*H.


Oh my God, you guys...

I am so, so sorry. This is all my fault.



The one day I have time to post in the HMM, TWoP doesn't let me.  




It seems every time this LJ gets mentioned in the Hall, we suddenly have to use it again.

Oh noes!

IPS Driver Errors? Internal Server Errors? TWoP, come back to us!

But until then, we can chat here.
Is TWoP hating everyone else? If so, does anyone feel like keeping me company in here?

Our Oscar Pool

Hey guys,

I'm posting the link to our Oscar Pool here, just so you guys can easily access it!   I also recommend that you comment and say you've voted!

Heroes Meet Market Oscar Pool

Pandora Cast List

Hello again!

Here is what I have for a cast list so far. Everyone's character is listed with an explanation next to them. If there is anything to add to specific characters or that I forgot (I'm only human), please let me know.

And those are our characters so far! Phew. We rival Heroes at the moment for characters.