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Pandora...part one

Hey guys! Here is Pandora, Part One. This has the plot of the pilot episode and background on several of the main characters. Other characters and more of the plot will be added soon, but I figured I should get up the basic lines first.


I'll get more parts up soon.


Hello? Is anybody out there?

Is this because of Pandora????

2-4: "The Kindness of Strangers"

For us to discuss the current episode!

By request:

My collection of dirty (and some not so dirty, though mostly still amusing) Harry Potter quotes. Enjoy.

Do not touch it, we shall all perish if the Dark Lord comes nowCollapse )

Is there a thing happening?

Because I can't seem to load the TWoP page. And it's bugging the crap out of me.

Is It Just Me?

Or is everyone else getting an error sign when they tried to refresh?

Well, It's Happened

Shall we congregate here until 7AM?


 Shit, so much for TWoP not dying...

Okay, talk!


HMM Stranded Island!

So.... which hero would you rather be stranded on an island with?

(Sorry.. I'm just so very tired right now.)

The HMM Emmy Awards Pool!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for the awkward format, but the poll thing didn't work.   Please email me your responses!   Just the number and letter will work or you can just copy and paste this only with your choices for the awards.  Anything works.  Just get the answers into me an hour before the actual awards.

 My email is seffina.p@gmail.com.