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Pandora Cast List

Hello again!

Here is what I have for a cast list so far. Everyone's character is listed with an explanation next to them. If there is anything to add to specific characters or that I forgot (I'm only human), please let me know.

Caff ~ Adam Northington (main character) – comes to Pandora, Texas to save his family business.

CM ~ Sarah Franks (main character) – comes to Pandora, Texas to be in a singing contest to make money and have a future – discovers that the people in this town hold the key to her mysterious past

HM ~ Henriksen (villain) Hellbent on destroying Adam’s family and their business.

Freckles ~ Cordelia Kensington: from England (villain) Adam’s fiancée that he was never really in love with, forced into engagement by parents, his first act of rebellion was breaking it off. Saw her as only a friend, thought he was being kind to her by ending the engagement so that she could find someone who loved her, she didn’t take it that way. Teamed up with Henriksen in order to exact revenge on Adam. She is taking down Adam’s family business from the inside as a mole. She believes that if Adam’s family loses everything, he’ll come back to her.

Warden ~ Calypso Humpkins. Piano player/saloon owner/Informant to Adam and Sarah. He helps the two of them learn of scams and attempts to keep them out of getting too deep into trouble.  He helps them plan their scams, especially their early ones. Married to Petunia’s character.

Petunia ~ Maisie Humpkins. Saloon owner/bar keep. Married to Calypso. Maisie likes when Calypso brings her peonies and when it's slow at the bar she knits. The knitting is also good because if anything gets out of control at the bar then she can poke and stab people with the needles. She seems quiet and easy going, but she's always watching what's going on in the saloon and since she talks to everyone while they drink she knows everything that's going on in town...and if anything needs to be "taken care of" she sees to it that it goes done.

Maple ~ Sheriff Bart McCutheon. Corrupt sheriff of Pandora. Originally a side villain who accepts bribes to not arrest Sarah and Adam, it becomes apparent that he knows more about Sarah’s past and he will stop at nothing to keep her in Pandora.

Mylla ~ Jane Henriksen. Henriksen’s sister. She is his only weak spot and he would do anything for her.  Sort of a spunky damsel in distress who always wins the singing contest, even though she can’t sing because Henriksen always fixes it. Whether or not she knows he is evil or not is up in the air.

Welly ~ Virginia Wise. A reporter/writer from Washington, DC. (I’m just copying straight from her post, because she explains it really well) I'm like a hanger-on who "knows bad people" and wants to be one, but doesn't know how. I write about them and make money off them via my dime novels, but I really want to experience what the people in my novels do, and some of my "sources" clued me in to what you guys were doing, so I try to wheedle my way into your good graces and somehow make myself useful so you'll take me along on some of your adventures/scams. And somewhere in there, I get to hook up with a hot gunslinger. :) Or maybe a kind (hot) rancher type.

Mark ~ Wallace Lord. Mysterious Man who bumps into Sarah at the contest. He is her first realization that this town might hold more for her than just her future. He sees her and is quite shocked, saying simply that she “Looks like (her) mother.” And then he disappears. He may end up being Sarah’s father. Professional gambler, which we will find out later. Early 40's, a man who bears the marks of a life lived with minimal scruples. A drifter in his soul and a professional gambler by trade, he has lived in Pandora for a number of years, perhaps longer than he really would have cared to (and why is that, we wonder). He is the first to recognize Sarah at the singing contest, and the sight touches a part of him that has lain undisturbed for a very long time. He has a penchant for Arrow dress shirts with detachable collars.

Seff ~ Peter Cirino. An immoral rich man from New York who, along with his brother, is the victim of Sarah and Adam’s first scam.

Dreamer ~ Nathan Cirino. See Peter Cirino.

Emjay ~ Molly Mcsomething. Irish, works at Petunia and Warden’s saloon as a bar wench or dance hall girl. Big drinker, willing to help out anyone who will name the correct price.

LH ~ Roland Chambers ~ a gunslinger. Possibly helps Adam and Sarah out.

Auto ~ Danielle. Small side role, character who helps the main characters in a way, possibly an anti-hero who doesn’t want anything to do with them in the beginning or a “hooker with a heart of gold” who helps to aid the greater good. Dies, but for a good cause and heroically. Possibly knows information about Sarah’s past, such as being a party or witness to the violent fight that Sarah vaguely remembers.

Trying ~ Lucie Carroll. Neice of HM’s shady business partner, sent to England to spy on Adam’s family and further undermine them.

B-Numb ~ Dawn Eagle. Frontier traveling fortune teller who possibly knows a little about Sarah’s past.  She is a very small-time con artist but somehow manages to accidentally make correct predictions. Comic relief many times.

WD ~ Samantha Christie. Female rancher who dresses up as man at times when her husband is not at home in order to be able to continue to run their farm. She allows Sarah and Adam to stay at her ranch when they are in hiding.

TJ ~ Jonathan Pryce. A kind gentleman who ends up helping Adam and Sarah at some point. (TJ and I were talking on AIM and he wanted to be including in the story and wanted to be a “good guy”. So this is all I have for him)

Chimp ~ Richard Robbins. An alcoholic who may know something about Sarah’s past (may end up being related to her).  He hangs around Maisie and Calypso’s saloon a lot.


And those are our characters so far! Phew. We rival Heroes at the moment for characters.


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Dec. 7th, 2007 12:40 am (UTC)
I love the character names. Especially Maisie and Calypso. :)
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